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DockableContent's reopening position could be wrong sometimes

May 6, 2010 at 10:12 AM
Edited May 6, 2010 at 10:15 AM


The xaml code is like this:

Grid> <av:DockingManager x:Name="manager"> <av:ResizingPanel> <av:ResizingPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <av:DockablePane> <av:DockableContent Title="content1" x:Name="c1"> </av:DockableContent> </av:DockablePane> <av:DockablePane> <av:DockableContent Title="content2" x:Name="c2"> </av:DockableContent> </av:DockablePane> </av:ResizingPanel> <av:DocumentPane> <av:DocumentContent> <StackPanel> <Button Click="Button_Click_2"> open content 1 </Button> <Button Click="Button_Click"> open content 2 </Button> </StackPanel> </av:DocumentContent> </av:DocumentPane> </av:ResizingPanel> </av:DockingManager> </Grid>



and the two buttons just call the DockingManager.Show method in their event handlers to open the DockableContent.


The two DockableContents defined in the XAML are ranged vertically.

So if I close content1 and then click the "open content 1" button to reopen the closed DockableContent, I would expect it to be beyond content2 just as it was before I closed it.

But actually, the reopened content1 will be placed in the left side of the manager, and that makes the two DockableContents in horizontal order.


I guess this is because when content1 is being closed, its container--the DockablePane gets closed too(because it has no items left)

Thanks for the  AvalonDock library!

Looking forward to the new release!

And of course, hope this problem can be fixed!



May 6, 2010 at 10:17 AM

And this problem exists in SharpDevelop: