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Nesting Content in a Document

May 5, 2011 at 12:38 PM

I want to know if it is possible to insert a DockablePane into a DocumentContent and add DockableContent to it.  While the code below works fine to display, it will not fire any button events.  With the code below the click event will never fire in the code behind.  Other events like mouse-over seem to be fine.  

Am I missing something or is the tool simply not able to do this.   All help is appreciated!

 <ad:DockingManager Name="dockingManager" Margin="0,28,0,0"  >                       

<ad:ResizingPanel   >                        

<ad:DocumentPane >                         

  <ad:DocumentContent  Title="Parent Document">                                       

<ad:DockablePane >                           

<ad:DockableContent Title="Bottom container 1">                               

<Button Content="Click 1" Click="Button_Click"  />                           


<ad:DockableContent  Title="Bottom container 2">                               

<Button Content="Click 2"  />                           



</ad:DocumentContent >