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[Version 2.0] Create an LayoutAnchorablePaneGroupContainer with the functionality of a LayoutAnchorableFloatingWindow inside the mainWindow DockingManager

May 25, 2012 at 11:11 PM

I'd like to have a panelContainer to group more than one anchorable item in it, but with the possibility of anchorate the items inside it (like in a floating window).

I need to make a panel with 2 group of anchorable panels, one on the top part and one on the bottom, and this panel container must to be used as a single panel.

I need a behaviour similar to the panel where there are the folder on the bottom as tab and on top there is the grip of the panel,, but inside this panel I need to have an horizontal grid splitterand two group of tab itemsone on the top part and one on the bottom part, but on top of all the panel, every group with its own litther top grip, but on top of all the panel container one big grip to move all the panel.

Ho wcan I make this? Can you give me any suggestion for doing it?