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[Version 1.3] DocumentContent vs DockableContent

Jul 12, 2012 at 3:14 PM

I have read that in another discussion :

The main difference [between DocumentContent and DockableContent] is that when you drag a document content it can be docked only in to a border of a documentpane or into it. When docked to a documentpane border AvalonDock create another documentpane that contain the dragged document. If you drag a dockablecontent, AvalonDock creates a dockablepane instead of a document pane giving to user the ability to set the content as a flyout window.

But I found another difference that seems to be a bug :
I have created a new WPF project with a window that contain the xaml example of the following page :

I replace :

  <ad:DocumentContent Title="MyDocument!"/>

By :

  <ad:DockableContent Title="MyDocument1"/>
  <ad:DockableContent Title="MyDocument2"/>

I compile and run the application.

I can't move "Mydocument" contents and when I close the "MyDocument1" content, an empty space replace the content.

Is it a normal behavior or a bug ?

In my application, I need contents that can be docked everywhere and it's why I use DockableContent instead of DocumentContent.

I'm not sure about the usefulness of the DocumentContent concept. We can already make DockableContent only dockable in document area by set the DockableStyle with the proper value. Why not simply apply the behavior of DocumentContent to DockableContent when they are dragged over document area and definitely forgot DocumentContent ?