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[Version 2.0]: Meaning of LayoutItem.IsSelected vs. LayoutItem.IsActive property

Aug 7, 2012 at 1:04 AM

Hi there!

I'm  sorry if this question has already been asked elesewhere. But searching for it I found no related question.

What exactly is the difference between LayoutItem.IsSelected and LayoutItem.IsActive?

The code comments are saying that IsSelected "indicates if the item is selected inside its container" and IsActive "indicates if the item is active in the UI" but neither of them makes much sense to me. What is the difference between "active in the UI" and "selected inside it's container"? And how do both properties intermingle with each other?

Particularly: How does "IsActive" and "IsSelected" work together with the MVVM-"ActiveDocumentConverter"?
On what conditions is one of the LayoutAnchorableItems selected/activated with respect to the "IsActive/IsSelected" state of any of the LayoutDocumentItems?

The context of my question is related to using Avalon 2.0 together with Caliburn.Micro:
How should Avalon's "IsSelected" or "IsActive" be mapped to Caliburn.Micro.IActivate/IDeactivate?

Thank you