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Multiple Overlaid DockingManagers

Oct 24, 2012 at 3:27 PM


(Following on from my previous question about layouts within tabs, I've come across a possible solution, but with a couple of problems, detailed below)

I'm looking to have a window with multiple layouts that can be flipped between.  I tried to achieve this by having multiple overlaid DockingManagers, with only one being visible at any given time.  This seemed to work well, but caused problems with floating windows: as they're tied to a particular DockingManager, if I try to dock them back into the main window, they still dock to their original DockingManager whether that manager is visible or not.

So maybe better questions are:

  • Is this solution a good idea?
    • If so, given a LayoutAnchorableFloatingWindow (or its content, a LayoutAnchorable), can we change ownership so that they belong to a different DockingManager?
    • If not, what would be a better solution?