[Version 2.0] MEF, MVVM and AD

Jul 4, 2013 at 9:45 PM

I'm really new in WPF, though I've already had some experience with c#.
I want to create MDI. I have some Tools, inherited from ToolViewModel and some Documents inherited from DocumentViewModel.
If i define <DataTemplate> for specific ViewModel in PanesTemplateSelector.ToolViewTemplate and Style in PanesStyleSelector.ToolStyle like in example (MVVMTestApp) it's OK.
But now i want to use MEF and to import ToolViewModels from another assemblies. I found a solution - to import ResourceDictionary and merge it with MainView. But in this case AD cant find template for ViewModel.
I failed to find way to DataTemplate in ResourceDictionary.
I can specify DataTemplate in ViewModel and load it, but, i think, it's not a good way.
Also need i import View if View and ViewModel in the same assembly but not in main?how
Could you advise me something.