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Visual Studio/SharpDevelop like IDE

Jan 27, 2009 at 11:24 PM

I want to achieve the following GUI (one possible window):
|  ListView  | RichTextBox to show         |
| ----------  | messages in the chat room  |
|  User A     | <User 1> Message            |
|  User B     | <User 2> Message            |
|  User C     | <User 3> Message            |
|  ...             |-----------------------------
|  User Z     | TextBox to enter messages |

1. There is a main window which shold "host" a window like the above. Basically the main window looks similar to the Visual Studio/SharpDevelop IDE:
  1. Menu and ToolBar on the top
  2. DockablePane Server Explorer on the left
  3. DockingManager which can host a window like the one above
  4. Log window on the bottom (like e. g. the Error List in VS)
2. The problems I have are as follows:
  1. What's the preferred way of loading windows like the above dynamicly? Do I need to derive from DocumentWindow in the Xaml and the code behind file? Can someone give me a working example? I tried the SharpDevelop 4.0 Alpha sources but didn't get it...
  2. How can I use a ResizablePanel so that the bottom control does keep its size when I resize the window? In the above example I only want to resize the RichTextBox and *not* the TextBox. It should ony resize if the user explicitly resizes it using the Splitter
  3. In some situations the whole background of my derived DocumentWindow gets red. Is this expected behaviour or some Wpf thing in general?
  4. Designer support seems quite buggy. For example I managed to get partly what I want but in the designer the controls were hidden/small/unusable but at runtime it seems to work mostly

If needed I can give some source examples.

Thanks in advance and thanks alot for the control :-)