[Version 2.0] PRISM RegionAdapter with Layout Saving and Loading?

Sep 12, 2013 at 10:52 AM
Has anyone managed to successfully load and save layout using a Prism and AvalonDock?

I have a RegionAdapter for the AvalonDock DockingManager which allows me to register views with the RegionViewRegistry in my Prism modules and they get wrapped by LayoutAnchorable objects in AvalonDock.

This all works fine, except when saving and loading layout. When I add a view from my module, it goes through the RegionAdapter and gets serialised properly (ignore the content at the moment, I have a post serialisation step that adds some custom XML to the output to give me some information about the modules that were displayed).

When I load the layout, I implement the LayoutSerializationCallback, set the content to the appropriate module's view and it displays properly.

The problem is if I subsequently try to serialise this, I never get the LayoutAnchorables that were added in the deserialisation.

Does this make any sense?

In a nutsehll I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has a solution for AvalonDock + Prism + layout saving and loading.