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Keyboard Navigation through the docked controls

Feb 5, 2009 at 2:48 AM

I'm trying to use AvalonDock to create Visual Studio like application. One of the main requirements is to allow nice keyboard navigation. But it appears to be broken altogether. 
Here is my sample:

<Window ...>
<ad:ResizingPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
<CheckBox Content="Text"/>
<CheckBox Content="Text"/>

I launch the application and try to navigate over the content pressing the TAB key. I expect the focus to switch between 2 checkboxes. Instead I observe the following:
1. 1st checkbox is focused
2. 2nd checkbox is focused
3. DockingManager is focused
4. 1st dockable pane is focused
5. 1st dockable pane is focused
6. 2nd dockable pane is focused
7. 2nd dockable pane is focused
8. 1st checkbox is focused (end of cycle)

Now I press Shift - TAB and it goeas backward the above step + buttons on the dockable pane header. 

Is there an easy way to fix this bug any estimates when it is going to be fixed in AvalonDock library?


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