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How to divide and place ViewTemplates at the start of program? AvalonDock

Dec 24, 2015 at 10:22 AM
I have three views:
  • FileViewTemplate (built-in ViewTemplate of AvalondDock)
  • FileStatsViewTemplate (built-in ViewTemplate of AvalondDock)
  • FeatureAreaViewTemplate ( I created it with Fawzi help . Now my posts are prohibited by admin and I do not why it happens. Just cannot post)
What I have now at the start of the program(FeatureAreaViewTemplate is nested inside of FileStats):

What I want is(at the first start of program when there is no avalonDock.config file):

Is it possible to divide FileStats and place FeatureAreaViewTemplate at the right side and FileStats at the left side when a program starts? How to implement it? Please, help me!