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Make FloatingWindow modal

Nov 14, 2016 at 11:08 AM
I am using AvalonDock control to show my views as tabs. In some cases i want to open a new window instead. At the moment, I'm handling that in the LayoutInitializer:
 public void AfterInsertDocument(LayoutRoot layout, LayoutDocument anchorableShown)

            if(anchorableShown.Content != null && anchorableShown.Content is ViewModelBase)
                var viewModel = ((ViewModelBase)anchorableShown.Content);

                if (viewModel.Type == ViewModelBase.ViewType.Popup)
                    anchorableShown.FloatingWidth = viewModel.PopupWidth;
                    anchorableShown.FloatingHeight = viewModel.PopupHeight;

                    anchorableShown.FloatingTop = viewModel.PopupTop;
                    anchorableShown.FloatingLeft = viewModel.PopupLeft;

That works fine. But I want to have this new floated window as a modal window? And it must not be dockable. I don't know where I can handle that.

Thank you, Markus