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Menu items disabled when pane undocked

Dec 11, 2009 at 7:01 PM

We have single window application with menu items and toolbars that are hooked to RoutedUICommands.  We are using AvalonDock and are quite happy with most aspects of its performance and presentation.  We have found a problem and are wondering if anyone else has fixed a similar issue or if it should be reported as a bug.

When a view is undocked from the main window, creating a floating window, all items (menu or toolbar) that are hooked to RoutedUICommands become disabled.

We have tried quite a few options and work arounds (such as adding handlers for OnMouseUp that focuses a palette on the main window) but these seem like work-arounds.

Debugging the problem indicates that somewhere in the process that cleans up parent panes there exists a handler or some extraneous code that is inadvertently disabling all RoutedUICommands. Further debugging shows that the commands are disabled in the same stack frame as when a Dispatcher.PushFrame call happens from the main application.

We tried adding a menu item that is driven by a routed UI command to this tutorial and the undesirable behavior continues:

Undocking anything to create a floating window disables all toolbar and menu items.

The modifications are fairly simple and we could definitely send over the sample code.

We have tried this on Vista 64 and Windows 7 (32 bit).