After deserializing, don't create new LayoutAnchorable programaticaly

Hi, When my application starts running, I use deserialization to fill my DockingManager. Later, I allow the user to add new LayoutAnchorable to a LayoutAnchorablePane, but the new item do is not c...

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Multiple DockManager

Hello I use multiple dockmanager in my project. That means I use a dockmanger inside the layouts there is again a dockmanager. And again on the third level I use again inside the layouts a dockman...

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How to apply custom theme in AvalonDock

I am working on avalondock in wpf. Everything is working fine but i want to add customize theme for change background color of title bar where my show my tool window name. Please help me asap. Th...

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AvalonDock - How to capture Maximize and Minimize event of document

In my application, I want to capture the maximize and minimize or size changed event of the floating document. Please suggest if any event exists in avalonDoc for this purpose. Thanks, Dev

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Blank window at run time, design view okay.

New to AvalonDock .... Created a window and added custom controls to the AvalonDock document and panels. It all looks fine at design time in VS2012 but at run time nothing but a blank screen. I ...

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Null Pointer crash on unloading docking manager

Hi, I experience a crash with the docking manager when it gets unloaded. For one reason or another, the variable _autoHideWindowManager is null, so the call to HideAutoWindow in the DockingManager_...

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When region is floating then KeyEventArgs.IsRepeat = true

Hi in AvalonDock 2.0, when region is floating then any PreviewKeyDownEvent handler of any control of that region gives the KeyEventArgs.IsRepeat = true even the key is pressed as a normal key press...

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Why ActiveDocumentChanged event is not longer part of DockingManager?

I was planning to upgrade my 1.3 version to 2.0.200, but unfortunately my app was using the DockingManager's ActiveDocumentChanged event to change a common toolbar that every view share. I looked...

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AvalonDock loads different dll depending on different windows

I have figured out that AvalonDock loads different theme depending on different windows color scheme. For example if I am using windows server 2003 with classic theme then it looks for 'Xceed.Wpf.A...

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Exception on loading DockingManager

My application crashes on startup. How to fix this problem? This is the exception 'Initialization of 'Xceed.Wpf.AvalonDock.DockingManager' threw an exception.' Line number '36' and line position ...

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