Docked windows not visible anymore

When docking several anchorables to the top successively, at some point the top-docked anchorables occupy the entire available space and the other anchorables and the document are not visible anymo...

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Application is not closed after reopening LayoutAnchorable

I'm writing a program using Xceed AvalonDock. I bound a comment for show/hide a LayoutAncorable instance. Binding code... <MenuItem Header="View"> <MenuItem Header="Scene" Comman...

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How to trigger DockingManager to reload layout during runtime?

I use AvalonDock (XCEED) <xcad:DockingManager Name="DockingManager" AnchorablesSource="{Binding Tools}" DocumentsSource="{Binding Documents}" AV...

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LogicalTreeHelper get an error

when I use LogicalTreeHelper to find element, LogicalTreeHelper.FindLogicalNode(this.Element, "itemsCanvas") as FrameworkElement; It'll get an error: NotImplementedExcepetion of IEnumerator.Reset...

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Avalon dock - Null Exception and Duplicate LayoutAnchorable After XmlLayoutSerializer.Deserialize Float an existing Window

Similar issue has been previously logged in following link - Unfortunately it was closed as non issue, I am able to replicate the issue associated w...

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Unable to style Document Pane Menu

See the attached image, the small drop down icon on the top right of the documents pane (I believe it must be called DocumentPaneMenu as I can style the item template by setting DocumentPaneMenuIte...

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OpenFileDialog window is closed automatically if Docking toolbox is in autohide mode

Image toolbox is dockable content . This toolbox show list of images and also have option to add a new image via its context menu . Click on "Add Image" will open window to browse for iamge file...

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could not find the properties of controls on the application when they are docked.

I am having a WPF application which i need to automate using VSTS 2012. I noticed that the application is developed with avalondocks. I need some of the properties to automate my app. Isssue I cou...

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Unhandled Invalid window handle exception

Hi, I'm using AvalonDock for a project and encountered an error. Switching back to windows classic theme on Windows 7 caused an unhandled "Invalid window handle exception" You can find a sample ap...

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Japanese localization

Hello! I created a string resources of Japanese. Please use it if you like. Thank you.

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