Exception from PresentationFramework using AvalonDock 1.3.3592.0

Hi, Im using AvalonDock 1.3.3592.0 in a x64 application on Windows 7 SP1 with .NET 4.5.1. One component of my application consists of a window with 6 DockablePane instances. Everything works fine...

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After deserializing, don't create new LayoutAnchorable programaticaly

Hi, When my application starts running, I use deserialization to fill my DockingManager. Later, I allow the user to add new LayoutAnchorable to a LayoutAnchorablePane, but the new item do is not c...

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Multiple DockManager

Hello I use multiple dockmanager in my project. That means I use a dockmanger inside the layouts there is again a dockmanager. And again on the third level I use again inside the layouts a dockman...

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How to apply custom theme in AvalonDock

I am working on avalondock in wpf. Everything is working fine but i want to add customize theme for change background color of title bar where my show my tool window name. Please help me asap. Th...

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AvalonDock - How to capture Maximize and Minimize event of document

In my application, I want to capture the maximize and minimize or size changed event of the floating document. Please suggest if any event exists in avalonDoc for this purpose. Thanks, Dev

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Blank window at run time, design view okay.

New to AvalonDock .... Created a window and added custom controls to the AvalonDock document and panels. It all looks fine at design time in VS2012 but at run time nothing but a blank screen. I ...

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Null Pointer crash on unloading docking manager

Hi, I experience a crash with the docking manager when it gets unloaded. For one reason or another, the variable _autoHideWindowManager is null, so the call to HideAutoWindow in the DockingManager_...

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When region is floating then KeyEventArgs.IsRepeat = true

Hi in AvalonDock 2.0, when region is floating then any PreviewKeyDownEvent handler of any control of that region gives the KeyEventArgs.IsRepeat = true even the key is pressed as a normal key press...

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Why ActiveDocumentChanged event is not longer part of DockingManager?

I was planning to upgrade my 1.3 version to 2.0.200, but unfortunately my app was using the DockingManager's ActiveDocumentChanged event to change a common toolbar that every view share. I looked...

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AvalonDock loads different dll depending on different windows

I have figured out that AvalonDock loads different theme depending on different windows color scheme. For example if I am using windows server 2003 with classic theme then it looks for 'Xceed.Wpf.A...

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