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AutoHide Help

Jul 23, 2010 at 8:00 PM

I have a standard AvalonDock layout. Left, Bottom, right pane with the main content in the middle.

My right DockablePane contains 2 DockableContent windows...when I select the AutoHide PushPin of either my right pane closes to the right (which is what I want)

Issue 1:  When I mouseover the tabs, the window expands (AutoShows?)  the entire width of my window, Q1: Can I control that size?  If so, can someone tell me how?
Issue 2:  When I select the AutoHide PushPin again, it goes back to its orginal position on the right (which is what I want) but when I try to Autohide again the right pane now Autohides towards the top of the app window not to the right anymore.

Any suggestions on how to solve these issues would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!