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AvalonDock with Prism

Aug 2, 2010 at 1:36 PM
Hi, I develop wpf application with prism. Now I want to use avalondock for it. I use tabcontrol that contains my ui component as a tabitem. So I have a architexture like this. 1 ) Infrastructure : that contains a class for regionnames, and a baseview class that is inherited from usercontrol. 2 ) HomeModule : that contains 2 views which are inherited from baseview, and i display those 2 views in mainregion. 3 ) UI : This project will launch Shell., In shell i have a tabcontrol which hold my mainregion, and display views into it. Now I want to implement AvalonDock. can anyone help me for this. I have a sample application, If someone try, I can mail it, so send me an email address. Thanks, Rajnikant Rajwadi