Avalon with Prism

Sep 10, 2010 at 2:23 PM



I want to create tabitems like vs2010, which can dock out from tabcontrol and it should become a window.

Then If I want that window to dockin into tabcontrol.

Is it possible ?

I use prism and my root control is tabcontrol.

and in this tabcontrol, i add my other usercontrols as a tabitem, now i want to drag tabitem outside tabcontrol. 

I try it with avalondock, but it raise error that you can not use usercontrol if you want to dockout, use window instead usercontrol, but i cant use window that's the issue.

If I can use usercontrol in avalondock, i'll prefer to use avalonDock.

Please help me out for this.

Please download code from here


In this Application, if you run this application, you will find a tabcontrol that contains 2 tabitems, i want to dock out these tabitems from tabcontrol and then dock in them into tabcontrol same as VS2010.

Help will be appreciated.