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Avalon architecture

Dec 6, 2010 at 9:29 AM

Hi all,

we plan to develop using AvalonDock and we are facing the same old problem: What architecture can be used with it.

Available architectures, in short:

- MV: Model-View, with some code as this one: MyView.MyControl.DataContext = MyModel.MyDataStructure. Simple and easy, as long the application itself is simple ...

- MVC, just to forget nothing

- MVP: The Presenter is the go-between Model and View

- MVVM: The VM is a Presenter + data and behaviour of the View.

- Others ?

All programatically correct answers will be MVVM and a lot of discusses about the right MVVM framework to use.

But we are looking for experience-based answers and browsing this forum and others shows it is not that easy to merge AvalonDock and MVVM, mainly because of binding problems.

Is there other answers ? In what condition can MV be used (I know, this is ugly, but as long it works ...) and what are the real pitfall of it ? MVP seems to be a good compromise, did somebody try it ?

Thanks for all ideas and tracks to follow.