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[Version 1.3] Problem with floating window and command

May 3, 2012 at 1:37 PM


i need MenuItems in the menu of the main window, which have effects to the active (focused)  DocumentContent.

The MenuItems uses commands and the main window holds the CommandBindings. The  Execute CommandHandler uses the DockingManager.ActiveDocument to access the DocumentContent.

Everything works fine, if all DocumentContents are docked.

When one DocumentContent is floating and i click into a docked document and then click back into the floating document, the active document is switched back to the docked document, when i click the MenuItem. And so the MenuItem effects allways the docked document and never the floating.

How can i do, that the floating document gets the active document?

Here is a sample project, which shows the problem!110&parid=922B05ACA3DF99AC!103&authkey=!AFZFPETrEd_5zSM