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[Version 2.0] AnchorablesSource, DocumentsSource, ...LayoutContentsSource?

Aug 12, 2012 at 12:30 AM


Thanks for this amazing library.

I've just started with MVVM (using Prism's EventAggregator), and I noticed that collections are kind of a pain to deal with. While I've found means to generate observable collections of viewmodels from observable collections of models, I'm having troubles pushing these values to two different properties - AnchorablesSource  and DocumentsSource.

I imagined, perhaps naively, a unified document model in which anchorables and documents are the same object, but differ only by a property. We already have Template and Style selectors for the layout elements, both are fairly "layout-element-agnostic".

Do you think there's room (and reason) for a more generic "LayoutContentsSource" property? I assume there'd be also a binding telling AvalonDock which property of said Source collection indicates if a viewmodel is an anchorable or a document.

I hope I've been clear enough.

Thanks again for your incredible work.