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[Version 2.0.1320.0] Saving/Restoring LayoutAnchorablePane's DockHeight and DockWidth

Sep 18, 2012 at 1:11 PM

In my application, the AD doesn't have a LayoutDocumentPane. It only has multiple LayoutAnchorablePanes which, when docked, occupy the entire DockingManager. I need to save the state (AutoHidden/Docked) and the dimensions (DockHeight and DockWidth) when the application exits and restore them when the application starts the next time.

I tried using the XmlLayoutSerializer but that doesn't have the dimensions for the docked LayoutAnchorablePanes. So I manually stored the DockHeight and DockWidth (relative, since there is no LayoutDocumentPane), and then manually assign them to each of the LayoutAnchorablePanes (these are fixed in number, 3, and can't be hidden or closed, only auto-hidden or docked).

The problem is when I restore the relative dimensions, the values get assigned, but the actual view differs. Is there a way to fix this? Or is there any other way to save/restore the LayoutAnchorablePanes' dimensions?