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Tabbing resizes anchorables

Feb 21, 2013 at 8:13 AM
I want to use the DockingManager and include 2 layout anchorables inside it. At start-up one of them should be 2/3 of the screen in width and the other 1/3. So far so good, it all works just fine - I seem to be able to re-size them and move them around. The problem is once I tab either of the anchorables I dont seem to be able to dock to the sides as before - it always occupies the entire screen. The only way I can restore the docking options is to float one of the tabbed anchorables, but now docking to the left or right side makes both anchorables equally wide - half the window instead of remembering the previous dimensions. Can anybody tell me if theres someting I could do about that? Thank you guys in advance :)
P.S. I`m using avalondock 2.0.1746.0