Zoom In and Out

Apr 21, 2009 at 10:56 AM
Thanks for the great library.

We are trying to implement a zoom in and zoom out feature using AvalonDock. If it would have been a Panel we could have used the Z-Index, something like UIElement.RenderTransform = new ScaleTransform(1,1);Panel.SetZIndex(UIElement, Panel.GetZIndex(UIElement) + 1); and then Animate the whole panel.Since the library is based on FrameworkElement we need to RemoveVisualChild and AddVisualChild, is that correct? I tried doing that in DockablePane.cs, the control zooms inside the ResizingPanel, I tried looking in ResizingPanel.cs, there is a method to remove the control but there is no add method. Could you please point us in the right direction.