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Resizing problem

Jun 18, 2009 at 2:25 PM

In this small example I'm using two dockable contents in one docking manager:

        <ad:DockingManager x:Name="dockManager" >
            <ad:ResizingPanel Orientation="Vertical" >
                <ad:DockablePane x:Name="pane1">
                    <ad:DockableContent Title="Text1" DockableStyle="DockableToTopAndBottomBorders">
                        <TextBlock Text="text1" />
                <ad:DockablePane >
                    <ad:DockableContent Title="Text2" DockableStyle="DockableToTopAndBottomBorders">
                        <TextBlock Text="text2" />

If both content panels are dragged out of the manager panel and I drag one panel back into the manager using for example the top border overlay window then the panel does not use the whole space of the manager panel.

I explizitly don't want to give the user the ability to use the IntoOverlayWindow so the manager only has the top and bottom overlay window registered:

DockableToTopAndBottomBorders = TopBorder | BottomBorder


Thanks for help!