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Starting Questions

Sep 14, 2009 at 12:52 PM


I am looking for a DockingManger which  we can customize a little bit to fit our needs.
We already have a DockingManagerControl but this does not one feauture we need in our application. Before I spent hours on customizing the control again only to notice that one little thing that is important is not possible again I wanted to ask some questions... You don't need to show me how this is done. Please just tell me if it is possible with your control.

Is ist able to set the DockState from Code behind? I am styling the control in a very differnet way from the original and the TabItem in the Hidden-Mode looks like a button. When this button is clicked the DockState schould change. But I think this shouldn't be a big problem...

Is it posible to remove the mouseover-effect of the DockableContentControls when they are hidden at the side of the application? This is the one point, that is very important for us, which I could not accomplish with the control we used so far.

Thanks in advance!